Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Matchbook Magazine :: March 2013

So flattered, so flattered, so flattered! I have been a LONG time fan of Matchbook, and to be asked to grace the cover was incredible to say the least. The shoot was amazing and we all had a fantastic time. Take a look HERE at the full article, pages 88 - 107. The first one of me and Snooze might be my new favorite photo, and I adore the one of Squish and Munch peeking out from our living room tee pee. Heartsies.

Some great links for your enjoyment:
- Raw Milk Kiddos = resistant to allergens? Read about it here. Yep! {Full study via Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology}
- Letters to the Wounded #2: "Truth necessitates confrontation - and a whole lot of us are more chicken than Christian. We'd rather save our own skin, than the skin of the bruised and battered and beaten. We're more in love with self-preservation than with Savior-glorification." WOW.
- Do As You're Told! The Flu, Flu Shots, and Homeopathy
- Dash & Albert Two-Tone Rope Rugs: Has anyone else fallen for these as I have? I want to figure out a way to upholster walls in them I'm so in love.
- Juicy Girls Coat: Should this be an impulse buy for Munch and why does it not come in adult sizes?

Happy Tuesday :)))