Friday, November 2, 2012

in the bedroom.

bedroom decor Pottery Barn York headboard
Lights on the headboard make being on medical leave a bit less dreary. (Yes, I dipped into the Christmas storage in Nov.)

I lived in this apartment for a year before my boyfriend moved in two years ago, and this room has undergone a lot of transformations. The walls started out apartment white, then went navy, and finally a step further to a velvety black. No regrets whatsoever.

bedroom decor dark walls navy paint
Pottery Barn York West Elm color splotch bedroom redecorating dark walls
The pictures above show the first major overhaul of the room after it became a room for two. Not great photos, but those are the white, then navy walls.

 We've also rearranged the furniture set up more than once. Actually, it was more like my boyfriend went to a meeting one evening, came back home, and I had completely upended all of the furniture, including moving the headboard in front of the windows. It covers a hideous radiator and we still get plenty of light. Here was the thinking behind the move and the eventual redecorating:

bedroom redecorating with Pottery Barn, West Elm, Ikea, Ballard, and Etsy
But in REAL life, our bed isn't two dimensional.

The bed is now on the north wall with the windows, as shown above. Across the room, the south wall has three doors--bathroom, closet, and hallway--and just a few feet of wall space (you can see it in one of the painting photos above). We debated whether to put anything there. We tried a dresser, but it was way too heavy a presence in that spot.  After leaving it blank for awhile, I used my rudimentary not-Photoshop skills to cobble this together:

bedroom decor dark paint black walls lucite cb2 peekaboo console
This also shows the black paint we ended up with. We colormatched Martha Stewart's Francesca.

We didn't have a big television in here before, and mounting the black tv on the black wall wouldn't be overly conspicuous. Plus, a lucite console wouldn't have the same visual impact as a dresser or solid table. I'd planned on going with the cb2 peekaboo console, but ended up finding the Crate & Barrel Vista on Craigslist and bargained it down to the price of the cb2 one. I much prefer the Vista, both for its form and function (sadly, they don't sell it anymore). The little shelf works perfectly for holding magazines and the DVD player.

Crate & Barrel Vista lucite acrylic console table
Photo from Crate & Barrel

Once that was settled we realized that mounting the television probably wasn't our best option. Our building is old and that section of wall is concrete. It wouldn't be a DIY job. So here's the new plan:

bedroom decor black walls lucite console West Elm Source Kudu lamp

The lamp is the Kudu lamp by Source for West Elm. It's been on backorder for over a month and finally came in the mail yesterday. It's perfect. I was expecting a round drum shade, but it's actually oval which makes it even more interesting. I'll take pictures once that side of the room is done.  The basket will corral yoga gear and cover up an outlet. I'm on the hunt for something round or oval to hang above the television to balance things out.

Lord knows I could use some balance.