Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Coral and Chinoiserie and My Redo

 I saw this vignette above and was absolutely smitten. I love the coral pink silk taffeta, the khaki Chinoiserie wallpaper, and the gold leaf table. I discovered it was by Nancy Pearson for the American Red Cross Designers Show House in Palm Beach - Traditional Home - 2013. Armed with this information, I wanted to see the whole bedroom.

I first found this enlarged view below and I thought - gee, I'm not liking the bed linens, the bed, the carpet, or the bed in front of the window.

Then I found this even larger photo and I'm still not liking the bed, the bed linens, the carpet, and the bed placement, and I also don't like the dinky chandelier and the fact that the Chinoiserie wallpaper is two unmatched panels.

This often happens to me where I see a beautiful close-up vignette but then don't like the rest of the room.

I would use my gold leaf Annie Selke pagoda bed (preferably not in front of the window), Leontine Linens with a coral monogram, a Marjorie Skouras Designs chandelier in pale blue, and a bound sisal rug. I would have either used one of the wallpapers for the entire room or as two matched panels.

Crazy day today - my painter arrives to start on my office, I need to work on my post for tomorrow's One Room Challenge update, and DC is bracing for its first snowstorm in two years starting tonight.