Friday, December 14, 2012

snippets of christmas.

Can I be honest? I still don't feel Christmas-y. It's the weather. I need snow.

I've been slow on the decorating front, but here are snaps of a few things that I put out today.

This guy is holding down the entryway.

gold and ivory christmas decor- rebuild health and home
As though I was not going to buy sparkly gold spike balls after seeing them at Target.

gold and ivory christmas decorations
Polar bear from Target, pearl ornament from Target last year, and my newfangled plant-misting contraption (at left). I'll give you one guess where it's from.

winter decorations, ball jar candles
Steel yourself: none of these things were bought at Target.

gold and ivory christmas decor

gold, silver and ivory christmas mantle- rebuild health and home
This is my first crack at the mantle. I'm feeling pretty meh. We haven't bought any of our greenery yet, so I'll change it then.

And now I bring you this Buzzfeed-style Friday afternoon adventure, which I'm pretty sure is a universal Christmas experience:

Christmas miracle! You found your mint condition copy of Hanson's 1997 Christmas album Snowed In.

OH TERRIBLE! Missing disc!

It's okay, don't panic! You vaguely remember using the disc as a bookmark last year.

 Bad news: it's not in your Archie Comics Digest magazine.

Oh good, it's in randomly in Bird by Bird! Now you know where you left off AND you have sweet jams. But you're not going to put them on because you haven't yet tired of the Nashville season 1 soundtrack.

Judge not reader, lest ye be judged.