Monday, December 17, 2012


We were sitting on the couch last night listening to Christmas music and swooning over our dreamy tree. And maybe swooning over each other, a little bit.

I just can't wait anymore, he said. Close your eyes for a second.

lauren and kevin engaged

And now we are engaged. 

At various points in life, I'd imagined a dramatic fireworks display (à la Danny Tanner and Vicki on Full House), or perhaps biting down on a metal band hidden in a forkful of dessert (while the waitstaff and other diners caught on and stopped to watch our sweeping declarations of love). 

But this was perfect. I am so happy that it happened here, in the home we've built together. Home is my favorite place in the world, and he is my favorite person. And even though he's been my family for the last three years, I feel so much happier in knowing that soon it will become official and we will create something new; we will build our family together.

rose gold engagement ring

I can't think of a single greater step I've taken to heal the wounds of my past and unburden myself of anxiety than choosing to spend my life with this man.