Wednesday, December 26, 2012

it's a boxing day MIRACLE!

Earlier today, I mentioned we were enjoying a relaxing day at home. What I didn't mention is that we kicked off our morning with a trip to Target (Target!).

If you'll recall, I love Target. I love being there, I love going there, I love shopping there. (Those are all the same thing.)

Kev wanted to get in early for an iPad exchange, and I took the opportunity to return the sequin-y Tracey Reese for Neiman Marcus for Target for Lauren shirt that I took a gamble on after the NM goods were marked down. (Fifty percent off--so if there's something you wanted, go get it now. Also, I know I said I'd do a post about the collection after we modeled the his-and-hers Thom Browne yachting blazers, but I figured everyone and their brother had seen the stuff either online or in stores.)

Tracy Reese shirt from the Neiman Marcus collection at Target

Strike one against the Tracy Reese shirt was that it looked (on me) like one of those loose old lady sequined tops that we'd buy at the thrift store in college to wear to Strokes and Wolf Parade shows. You did that too, right? With your leggings and Anna Karina bangs and white fringe cowboy boots?

Example of such a top. I also had that hair color at some point in college. via 

Strike two was that the care tag had a typo on it. A typo! Neiman Marcus for Target, don't tell me that my shirt needs to "dry falt." That's not a thing.

So back it went. When we pulled into the lot this morning, I saw two CBS vans and I told Kevin that maybe-- just maybe-- my dreams were about to come true. (You know, my dreams of being interviewed about Target at Target. Aim high, kids.)

And then they did:

Returner? The reporter was nice and all, but I specifically asked that she run "Target Superfan" under my name.