Monday, December 3, 2012

beginnings of trimmings.

Last year, our schedules were so hectic that for the first time in my post-dorm adult life, I did not have a big honking live Christmas tree. We settled for a mini tabletop tree, and spent Christmas without snow and in weather too warm for puffy coats or mittens. It never felt much like Christmas.

live table top Christmas tree

This year, it's unseasonably warm in Chicago again, and alls I want for Christmas is some snow. I've began my annual multiple viewings of Home Alone, but it just doesn't feel like Christmas yet. We're holding out on the tree and decor until this weekend, hoping for some frostier temperatures.


We were at JoAnn's yesterday scouting upholstery fabric, and instead of walking away with any clearer of an idea about fabric choices, I came out with a branch wreath and a cartful of Christmas-y trimming things.

Last year, we got a faux boxwood all-seasons wreath at Target (Target!) and it's served us well; infested with plastic spiders for Halloween and lit up with twinkle lights for the holidays. For whatever reason, it has dried out (does this happen to fake plants??) and many of the leaves have turned brown. Also, it smells vaguely like a barn.

Enter the spiky branch wreath, a twelve dollar delight. I grabbed several of these holly sprig decorations... well as these feathery poof things.  I don't quite know what to do with them, but I obviously wasn't leaving without them.

I positioned the holly around the inner circle of the wreath and thought Yeah, these feathers will look GREAT in here! I am so smart.

It looked like a few birds had flown into and subsequently died in my wreath.

So, holly and holly alone!

It's a start. 

P.S. Neiman Marcus for Target debut? Oh, there will be a post. Until then, enjoy these Thom Browne his and hers blazers. My boyfriend is a good sport.

Neiman Marcus for Target Thom Browne matching blazers