Friday, December 14, 2012

Our Get Along Shirt

I am up to my eyeballs in to do's right now. Staring at a box of 250 Christmas cards that need to be stuffed, addressed, stamped and sealed. Staring at a box of 50 birthday invitations that need to be assembled, stuffed, addressed, stamped and sealed. Starting at piles of clothes that need to be sorted through - old ones of mine, maternity clothes, clothes that Snooze will soon grow into that need to be moved to his room. Staring at an empty Christmas tree with only lights and no ornaments, that has been up for three weeks now. And staring at my unread emails {49 and counting} that need to be answered today {#dreamon}. So, in lieu of an actual blog post, I am simply sharing the photo above with you that my mom sent to me this week. It has kind of changed my life. We need one of these in our house stat and I have just figured out how I will manage having more children - with this genius shirt. Have you ever seen anything so amazing? I think not.

Happy Weekend! T minus ELEVEN days!!!