Friday, December 7, 2012


Overwhelmed. With gratitude. With disbelief. With joy.

If I have to pick one word to describe the last 24 hours, it would be overwhelmed. 

Since I wrote about the two women in need last night, this has happened:

For Carlotta and her new baby boy, I have diapers, clothes, books, bedding, strollers, car seats, clothes for her sisters, in fact so many clothes and diapers they will be given to clothe OTHER babies of teenage mothers in the school, as well as the mother's themselves. Food, formula, toiletries. Shipped to me. Delivered to me. Given to me out of the purest hearts and most flooring graciousness and generosity I have ever witnessed. 

For the mother that needed the sofa, not only do we have a sofa, but Target gift cards, and $2835 to put towards more furniture or other things she needs. 

Less than 24 hours.

With more donations on the way.

{I am crying right now}


To those of you that have reached out and offered your help, but truly your LOVE, to these families... how does thank you even touch the tip of the ice berg? I awe of your spirits.

Let me quickly present some information first for those of you that reached out to me about donating monetarily. PayPal needs to be used with charities or organizations that have been officially set up {don't you know my wheels are spinning...} I would be drawing the money out of an account created in my name, so after research I have decided the best way is to send me a check. Now, I know this is putting a lot of faith in me and simply taking me for my word, but I assure you with every fiber in my body that your money will get to this mama and her little girl, or to Carlotta and her baby. It is your choice, of course. I will find out what else they are most in need of, and make sure that happens! The best address is below, and let me know if you are sending something so I can keep an eye out. As more donations come in throughout the course of the weekend I will keep everyone posted on what is happening. 

Sheridan French
3437 West 7th Street - #260
Fort Worth, Texas  76107

Several of you have asked about taking Carlotta out of the situation but there are lots of snags with that. I will elaborate on this and why it is not a simple answer in another post. If only it were.

I am working on some photographs.

To the three women that ordered FOUR of my Shoppers between them, every penny of those purchases will go towards the mother and her daughter. The offer of 50% off whichever one you choose with all of it going to the family is still on the table!

To everyone shipping things from out of state. Meeting me to drop items off. Giving a sofa away. Blessed. YOU are blessed to have hearts as you do. To serve these families. Know that you will each be in my prayers tonight, each named individually, one by one, praising and thanking our amazing God for you.

Thanks giving.

I am truly beside myself with thanks giving right now.

In such situations as these mothers and so many others like them are in {also in the past 24 hours, I have heard of the horrific situation that Carlotta is in happening to so many others, and not at such rough public schools here}, how can they give thanks? How can they not feel broken? Lost? Alone? Asking God, why me instead of giving thanks. I am sure they have thought, what do I have to be thankful for? Maybe they even hate God. Maybe they do not know Him. 

One of the most powerful blogs I have come across, A Holy Experience, has taught me much about thanks giving recently. When you bow and surrender to the sovereignty of God then you are in the posture to receive all as a gift. In Christ, thanksgiving is all of our days. God asks us to give thanks in everything -- because this is the only way you live through anything.

Overwhelmed. In the most wonderful. Way. Imaginable.