Wednesday, December 26, 2012

paint it black.

First up, bit of musical accompaniment (and eye candy, courtesy of young Mick Jagger) for today's post:

Hope your holidays were swell. After non-stop visiting and smiling and announcing and hugging (and some crying--I still am, after all, me), I am very very happy to spend Boxing Day relaxing at home.

So it turns out my mom thought the Apartment Therapy tour was just the main article-- not realizing there were 30-odd pictures behind that little link that says "Enter House Tour here." I put this all together last night over Christmas dinner at our place, when she kept saying "Oh, I didn't see this on the tour!" "Oh these pillows are cool, are they new?" At which point I asked, "Mom, did you look at the pictures in the tour?"

Nope. Just the thumbnails in the article.

So we pulled out the computer so she could see pictures of our apartment while she was sitting in our apartment. (Christmas is all about meta moments.)

Then I found this up on AT's homepage:

Apartment Therapy black rooms

We're pleased to see that we had been featured in an Apartment Therapy "Best of 2012" round-up of black rooms. I actually wish they'd used a different shot because that little arrangement over the dresser there is now driving me batty. 

An aside: I'm pretty sure Kevin's mom is still incredulous about the use of black paint on our walls. After we told his parents that someone was coming to take pictures of our apartment, she said "Do they know that you painted your bedroom BLACK?!"

our black bedroom from Apartment Therapy- Martha Stewart Francesca paint
Photo of our bedroom by Carolyn Purnell for Apartment Therapy

This was the (very professional) prototype for the dresser wall from early on, when that wall was still completely empty:

black wall mockup

Now that we've lived with the end result for awhile, it needs some revamping. Right now it's just too much restricted to just the space over the dresser, with an expanse of blank black wall on either side.

I will say that painting that room black last spring was the best decorating decision we've made for creating that was a bedroom that was "ours." Painting things black isn't as depressing as Mick & Keith make it out to be. Once I had that base to work with, everything else came together. Also, our paint color (Francesca) was named after one of Martha's ridiculous bulldogs, and it doesn't get any better than that:

Martha Stewart Francesca
Francesca all dolled up in Martha Stewart Living

In case you are needing a push to use black in your own home, here are a few black rooms I had saved to my desktop that inspired the initial choice:

Jenna Lyons black bedroom Living Etc
Jenna Lyons's bedroom photo by Melanie Acevedo for Living Etc.

black bedroom from the nesting game
Molly of The Nesting Game's bedroom. I'm jealous I didn't think of that blog name first!

dark masculine bedroom
Bedroom by Gabriel Hendifar via Elements of Style Blog

living area with black walls and pink pillows
Living room by Amy Howard via Design Crisis