Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Kid's Clothes for Every Personality

Although I am a bit late to the game with gift guides {getting everything together for my own family has been taking up all of my time!} I want to do a few posts on last minute ideas. Of course I have kiddos on the brain, and Munch's presents consist primarily of clothes, accessories, clothes, jewelry and more clothes...and more accessories...and more jewelry....oh and makeup, too, so this is where I am going to start. 

When I had the little miss I thought, WHERE am I going to find girl clothes? I was up to my eyeballs in excavators and train tracks, and since we did not find out what she was going to be, I was suddenly faced with the fact that I needed to stock a closet full of pink. Eek! Turns out she is a SUPER girly girl, but certainly has a mind of her own when it comes to dressing herself and loves the unexpected combos...kind of like her mama, maybe? ;) J.Crew is my favorite shop of choice for her because it suits her personality to a T, but if your little miss has a different style, here are my top choices below for every little girl.

If your daughter is.....

The Preptastic Princess :: Lilly Pulitzer
Timeless and classic with pink and green never out of style, Lilly is for the girl who has a future playing tennis, making sweet tea {in her Jack Rodgers, of course} and being the hostess with the mostess whenever a party presents itself {with impeccable manners}. Her parents may have chosen her name based on how the monogram multiple fonts and arrangements. There are often coordinating Mommy/Daughter outfits as well which always make me melt when I see them! Love all of the sweet as pie Lilly princesses I know. Heartsies.

Anna Wintour's Future Replacement :: Bonnie Young
These items are for the little girls that know This Little Piggy Wears Prada cover to cover, who's first word was Louboutin {both said and written}, and never eats anything orange, red, blue, green....hmmm.... ok that always wears an enormous bib and never spills. Luxurious is an understatement {we're talking $300 sweat suits, and laser cut leather coats for $2000+}, but if you have the resources and want your little miss to mirror your own wardrobe, this is your one stop shop. I first discovered Bonnie Young about two years ago on an Aspen trip, and my jaw hit the floor the second I stepped through the door. Bonnie used to be Creative Director for Donna Karan, so she knows her stuff. These are truly investment pieces.

So perfectly Boho Chic she makes Kate Bosworth jealous :: Chandamama Kids
A free spirit that makes daisy chain crowns and learned how to make Kombucha before she could talk (ok so maybe Munch is a bit like this too ;), this little miss was a born world traveler. She had visited eight countries before her second birthday. Her middle name is Carefree, and she has never met a block print she didn't like. Flowy dresses and kaftans abound in her closet, but there aren't many shoes to be found...primarily bare feet for this doll. 

I have gotten to know the creator of this brand via email and she is precious, which makes me love her clothing even more! Here are photos from nearly a year back of Munch in some Chandamama goods:


{gorgeous embroidery detail - and they have awesome clothes for boys as well!!}

And last but not least, if your princess is an eclectic mish mash of hot pink, tomboy, stripes, stars and metallic glitter :: J.Crew

The J.Crew kid knows no style bounds and finds a way to make everything go with everything. Preppy cardigan plus baggy, paint splattered jeans and some sequins thrown in with persimmon patent Mary Jane's and a bow tie worn as a headband is just a regular day in this chick's life. Pink wool tights? Sure. Neon tutu? Obviously. Band jacket that was her older brothers? Duh. A beaded necklace to complete the look? No brainer. {see below... Munch regularly dresses herself these days and her outfit this weekend floored me... kind of amazing...maybe a How Munch Wore It is in order?} 

Which one is your little girl? {or niece, granddaughter...} I'll take any of them, as long as they have squeezy cheeks. Any other favorite clothing lines you cannot live without? Share!

Good luck in the lead up to Christmas... T minus 3 weeks and counting!