Monday, December 17, 2012

o tannenbaum

Christmas decor- gold, white and silver tree 
It's a Monday triple header, kids.  Today you'll get three posts arranged by ascending excitement level (for me, at least). First up is the Christmas tree.  Finally getting and putting up our tree was one small way to feel less sad this weekend. (I need to stop watching/reading the news but I can't.)

We treated ourselves to a fresh-from-the-farm tree from Gethsemane, as opposed to our usual the fresh-from-the-Home-Depot kind.

The tree I picked is kind of the apartment-dweller's equivalent of purchasing a flashy cherry-red sports car upon turning fifty. What? I don't need a house with a porch and a yard. Look at how BIG this tree is!

christmas tree by gallery wall

So big, in fact, that it scraped the ceiling, Griswold style. I cut down about six inches from the top while my boyfriend climbed a ladder to wipe sap off the ceiling. With the tree shaved down and ornaments laid out, things came together in glorious oversized splendor.

gold, white and silver design scheme for Christmas tree ornaments

gold and silver christmas tree decor- rebuild health and home
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gold, silver and white christmas tree by our gallery wall- rebuild health and home

Overcompensating, perhaps, for last year's tree