Sunday, November 11, 2012

Emotional Stress Release

This technique is a wonderful simple resource to have when there is an emotional imbalance that one would like to release from the body.
It is described and utilised greatly in Touch for Health Kinesiology, and will allow you to feel calm, think clearly, and function optimally in times of stress.  It is thought to work in part by bringing blood flow to the forebrain, where one can then switch from flight or fight mode to a more creative insightful mode and thus think of healthy ways to adapt to the stress. 
Holding the ESR points can often act very quickly to restore a sense of calm with improved focus.  
However it is perfectly safe to hold them for a long time and many times a day. This does not bypass your emotional anguish or pain, but rather allows you to process and release it from your energetic system. 
To do the technique, hold the points on the forehead, about a half an inch up from each eye, on what is called the frontal prominence.  You may choose to hold a whole palm over your forehead or use your fingers from each hand over the two points.  While using light touch see if you can eventually feel a pulse in each point.  You will know that balance has been restored when the pulses between the two points are synchronized.   
This technique is enhanced if you actually review in your mind the cause of the emotional upset while holding the ESR points.  This brings the stress “on-line” into your system and then by holding the ESR points will allow one to bring energetic balance back so that the body does not view the current emotional upset as a stressor any longer.  Many people report the elimination of old emotional disturbances that they thought would never be free from by using this method. 
It is also wonderful to use with children, as it is non invasive and easy to teach them to do. 
Emotional stress has been greatly linked with physical imbalance and reduced immunity.  By utilising this technique we can enhance not only our emotional state but our physical one as well.

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