Wednesday, November 14, 2012

How to counter electromagnetic interference

With all of our exposure to electromagnetic fields and associated radiation from computers, high definition TV, and cell phones it could be greatly influencing your energy.  We are constantly being bombarded with electromagnetic interference every day due to modern convienences.  If you have ever noticed that you feel “drained” or tired after working on the computer, using a portable tablet, or your cell phone  then chances are that your meridians are disturbed the those fields.  However, there are some technologies that we can use to protect ourselves from electromagnetic influence.  

One of the most helpful products I found that works is called an Earthing Mat.  I use this under my computer, since I write for long periods of time I was definitely feeling a drain in energy after walking away from the computer.  I placed the mat under my keyboard, plugged it into a suitable grounded plug and I was good to go.  It is very simple to use.  There are other earthing products that you may want to consider, such as sheets.  For more information on this I highly recommend the book Earthing The most Important Health Discovery Ever by Clinton Ober, Stephen Sinatra, and Martin Zucker.  It explains that since we have pretty much lost our consistent connection to the earth, with bare feet, it has caused disturbances in our energy that have contributed to a whole host of issues.

Another great natural technology is orgone.  William Reich had first discovered the great benefits of orgone while doing his research on purifying energy fields.  His book The Cancer Biopathy is very helpful in learning more about this healing modality.  Orgone is an organic mix of cured fiberglass, metal chips and sometimes crystals that are mixed together and then placed in a mold to set. This provides the medium to attract and harness orgone energy which will cleanse the life force energy, heal the aura and protect your environment. This wonderful healing tool can enhance the energy of where ever you need it.  One can be placed under the bed of a person with health challenges and it will greatly augment their ability to heal.  They totally block the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation, so it is a wise idea to place one near your computer area.  Many have also reported a positive effect from using this, especially in the mood area.  Some felt it benefitted their insomnia.  They can be also purchased in pendant form, and wearing one will heal and expand the aura and raise your vibration and bring about healing and protection.  There are many wonderful websites out there who carry this technology, but be sure to buy from a reputable supplier. 

Finally, a Himalayan salt lamp is also a wonderful economical way to reduce the effects of EMF radiation as well as clean the energy of the environment.  They work by emitting negative ions, which will counteract the energetic disturbance.  There are several different options to choose from, a candle salt lamp or one that is larger and has the light placed inside.  All one needs to do then is either light the tea light candle or plug it in to start feeling the health benefits from all those negative ions. 

Content written by Ruth-Ann Rohrman, Holistic Wellness Consultant and owner of Well Balanced, a Holistic Wellness Energy Kinesiology Practice in the US.  Please note that all information and content on UK Health Radio and our blog are provided by the authors, producers and companies themselves and is only intended as additional information to your general knowledge and does not substitute professional medical advice or treatment. So please do not delay or disregard any medical advice received due to information gathered on the UK Health Radio.