Friday, November 2, 2012

two things.

One: a preview of something I'm cooking up...

living room decor office work space united thread print christian chaize photo
Let's all pretend I didn't spend ten minutes moving stacks of papers and miscellany onto the couch before taking this photo.

Thanks to this article at Apartment Therapy for egging me on. (I have no idea why I used two food related figures of speech to talk about this. This has nothing to do with food).

Two: we are here to build the house...

Do you hear that? It's your body talking to you. Do what it tells you to do. Be its employee. It doesn't matter what your head is working out... Putting faith in that stuff might pay the rent, but it's never going to build your house. 

We are here to build the house. 

It's our work, our job, the most important gig of all: to make a place that belongs to us, a structure composed of our own moral code. Not the code that only echoes imposed cultural values, but the one that tells us on a visceral level what to do. You know what's right for you and what's wrong for you...

This... is an opportunity, but not the sort you think it is. It's in invitation to do the real work. The kind that doesn't pay a dime, but leaves you with a sturdy shelter by the end.

Words by Cheryl Strayed, certified life genius and utterly enviable wordsmith. From Tiny Beautiful Things: Advice on Love and Life from Dear Sugar.