Saturday, November 10, 2012

ramsey's ghost, or: how i met the petersiks.

I don't even want to go around the house and count how many fake animals/ animal busts I have because whatever the count's up to, I already know the number is absurd. An older round up is here.

At least I'm in good company; Sherry Petersik from Young House Love shares the same habit (vice? addiction?). We even had the same ceramic ram head. For all you international readers, having a faux ram head in your house is a time-honored U.S. tradition.*

Unfortunately Ramsey, the Petersiks' ram, met his demise during a photoshoot for their newly released book.

Young House Love book at West Elm Chicago, Rebuild Health and Home

The Young House Lovers were at the West Elm in my neighborhood today as part of their book release tour. I decided to stop by...

Young House Love cookies at Chicago West Elm book tour

...with a ram's head.... in a bag. Just a normal Saturday! After enduring unexpected rain and enjoying unexpected cookies, I got to meet John & Sherry. My first move? Pulling Ramsey's resurrected ghost out of my bag.

John and Sherry Petersik signing ceramic ram and Young House Love book

Both of them were absolutely gracious and maintained a baffling amount of energy despite being in hour four of book-signing. (I, in comparison, lost any measure of grace and all energy somewhere around hour two of line-standing. Just ask my boyfriend).

John, Sherry, Ghost of Ramsey and me. Young House Love + Rebuild Health and Home!
Just four crazy kids trying to make it in the big city.

 Lots of love for Young House Love!

Young House Love Ghost of Ramsey signed by Sherry

Young House Love Ghost of Ramsey

Young House Love signed book


P.S.  Reattached sideboard hardware (though I have my eye on these brass and bone babies) + kitchen art:

dresser as a sideboard in the kitchen painted in Behr Alligator Skin
New shelves & paint color desperately needed for glass cabinets. At a loss as to color.

Kitchen decor, shadowbox art with Penguin Great Food books and Birth of Venus print