Thursday, November 8, 2012

alligator skin.

After last night, I am not surprised that I had an anxiety attack today. If you've never experienced that before, the simplest way I can describe it is that anxiety is certainty.

Absolute certainty that everything is wrong and will never right itself again. Certainty that you are being threatened and do not have the power to protect yourself. That's what I feel for an overwhelming twenty minutes or so while I lose control of my breath and my body tenses up and  I cry. The thoughts and the physical effects are completely intertwined; there is no one without the other.  Afterwards, a wave of exhaustion hits, sometimes (like today) lasting the rest of the day. Fun!

...but this post is called Alligator Skin, so let's figure out what the heck I'm talking about.

What to Cook Phaidon book jacketBehr green paint, Alligator Skin

I talked about What to Cook & How to Cook It before. I got it last Christmas, and I love the cover art, specifically the olive-y shade of green that is used in the background. Several months ago, I asked my boyfriend what he thought about painting the white dresser (ahem, sideboard) in the kitchen a similar hue.

kitchen decor, dresser as a sideboard, before and after
I bought this 6 years ago at the Brown Elephant. It's been to three apartments with me and has clearly seen better days.

We even went and picked up some paint swatches. But it wasn't until this weekend that we finally got around to buying paint: Behr's Alligator Skin.

Repainting a dresser to become a sideboard in the kitchen- before
The kitchen is small, so I'm not able to get a full-on shot. This is right before sanding.

I spent all of Monday and much of Tuesday slapping on coats of the green stuff. I love it. I used leftover black paint from our bedroom walls to add trim.  Earlier today, I fixed some of the old broken knobs (all from Anthropologie several years ago) and reattached them to the cabinets, but I haven't taken pictures yet. Here's a little preview of the almost-finished product from yesterday:

two coats of Behr Alligator skin paint and Martha Stewart Francesca trim, dresser before and after

After reading up online, I am too scared to use a wax sealant because I don't want to ruin my paint job and have to start over... We are considering getting a glass top cut. I'm still too scared to put anything back on it at this point. I'm hoping to have more from the kitchen tomorrow, including our shadowbox of Penguin Great Food books, which is now hanging pretty.