Friday, November 16, 2012

holy cow!

rebuild health and home shows up on Young House Love
I got Young-House-Loved! And they got New-York-Timed! Check it out here

If you wandered over here from over there, hello! Take your shoes off (unless that makes you uncomfortable). Stay awhile. 

I'm no Sher-dog, but I am slowly making my apartment prettier and more comfortable, which I write about here. I also write about wellness and my experience with anxiety and other tough stuff. Not because I'm special-- just because I've found that ME TOO! moments with other people have always been a comfort.  Connections are important, whether they give us inspiration for making a home, encouragement to take care of ourselves, or simply the knowledge that even at our worst moments, we're not alone.

So come on in. Make yourself at home.

(just be prepared for...

rebuild health and home
...and completely typical, normal behavior.)

Just a normal Friday, y'all!