Thursday, November 22, 2012


Holidays can be hard for the anxiety-prone, for those of us from broken households, or for those who, despite their best efforts, still feel alone in a crowd--not quite fitting into any puzzle they may come across.

If that's you, you have my compassion and love, as much as I can give it to you through this screen. If that's someone you know, give them a call or simply a tight squeeze to let them know that they are loved, even if their holidays don't look like the ones in movies. 

The epitome of healthy family functioning. (We just watched this last night.) Image courtesy of Touchstone.

Cheryl Strayed said we must build our own houses. Some of us must build our own families. There are those who of us are lucky enough to enter the world with built-ins. Others have to cobble things together as they go, suffering and grieving when things fall apart, but continuing to push forward--to rebuild.

Today I will do my damnedest to focus on the things I do have, rather than feel burdened with grief over the lack. I am so grateful for my boyfriend, close friends, doctor, and therapist, all of who have taken effort to let me know I am safe and cared for and loved, even when I don't quite feel that way.

Thank You card from Rifle Paper Co.

I'm also thankful that this evening marks the lift of my self-imposed ban on watching Home Alone until after Thanksgiving. (My love of that movie borders on being an unhealthy equivalent to my Target love). From here on out, it's all Kevin McCallister, all the time. Merry Christmas, you filthy animal.

AND Happy Thanksgiving from us here at the rebuild-ery to you and yours. 

Thanksgiving card by Rifle Paper Co.

P.S. Just in case you need it, some holiday-weathering advice from Apartment Therapy.