Wednesday, November 7, 2012

five minute fix.

using a dresser for more counter space in the kitchen, before

Our kitchen is very low on counterspace so a few months ago during bedroom redo take fifty-two, we dragged a dresser from our bedroom into the kitchen.

And just by virtue of moving from one room to another, that dresser became a sideboard.

The extra surface space was much welcomed and became a home for the toaster, microwave, fruit bowl, et al. It also holds a small milkglass lamp wearing a nice but dull beige linen shade. The trim of the lampshade was the same beige fabric as the rest of it. So while I was standing in the kitchen the other day, I decided to put junk drawer electrical tape to use.

easy, quick, cheap lamp trim

I just wrapped one long piece around the diameter of the shade both on the top and the bottom. The tape works well on the fabric shade because it pulls up easily and is convenient to reposition so you can get your line nice and straight. That also means it's completely removable if you decide you want a change. So in just a few minutes, a boring lamp became a dapper gentleman.

black electrical tape for easy, quick lamp shade trim Rebuild Health and Home

Tomorrow, I'll show what has now become a 9+ hour fix in the kitchen, so get ready for THAT. Clues:

Phaidon dust jacket for What to Cook 


use a dresser as counter space in a small kitchen, before paint Rebuild Health and Home