Saturday, January 12, 2013

remember when...

I fell down a rabbit hole and instead of birds circling in a caucus race and a mad Queen of Hearts, I found brain fog and wedding planning compulsion and in-a-funk-ness? 'Cause that was now. And these last few days.

Kiki Smith's Come Away from Her (After Lewis Carroll). Courtesy of Brooklyn Museum. 

Off with her head.

I apologize for not posting regularly this week. And for falling off the bedtime routine train three days in a row now--though I've been good about not reading incendiary Chicago Trib articles.

I resigned from my job on Monday, and as of today, everyone (coworkers, you, etc.) officially knows.

This was a week where I shed a chrysalis, but came out with wings still damp and wrinkled. Grounded.

One of my awesome doctors reminded me that often times progress is not a linear trajectory, but a Six Flags coaster with unanticipated drops and loops.


As a wise half-man, half-robot, full-Austrian once said, "I'll be back."