Monday, January 7, 2013


Today I'm sharing a post which went up on my old blog last April. Eight months later, I am here. And a big decision was made. It's a bit too raw right now to go into details, but the time for that will come. Until then...

Photo by Liz von Hoene for Kate Spade.

I wonder at what point you should stop hemming and hawing over what to do, and instead just shut up and listen to that voice. That voice, once tiny and unclear, burrowing deep in the pit of your stomach; that voice that has grown slowly but steadily, scraping its way toward your heart; that voice that is now pressing into every inch of your skin as it tries to stand up screaming, steadfast and unwavering.

I don't have a destination, but I think I'm ready to head out.
This song has been playing over and over in my head like it's 2005: