Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Biscuit :: Delicious Homegoods

A friend in Houston told me about a store down there called Biscuit Home, and it seems everywhere I look or read, it is being mentioned. I finally went to their website yesterday and immediately saw the appeal. Look at that color pairing in the pic above! Amazing, right? Those lamps are to die for, particularly against the fab green wallpaper and pop of purple on the headboard. 

Peruse their site if you have a bit of time to spare {or make time if you don't} as there are wonderful items in every category. Particularly loving all of the art, especially this Maison Gray Prada Marfa piece, given that I finally got this new artwork for Munch hung...

They also officially have the coolest crib sheets ever. Splatter paint. Click here to see, then also check out the wood grain crib sheets, perfect polka dots, and old school bicycle print. If you don't have baby fever, you will after seeing their amazing selection. Guess I'll just have to do another nursery at some point!