Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dear Readers

Dear Readers,

As Elle Woods said, "Being true to yourself never goes out of style." (Still can't believe Legally Blonde didn't win Best Picture).

This is primarily directed towards those so vehemently opposed not only to my views on our 2nd Amendment rights, but also those that feel it is bad business sense to post it on my well as the woman that said I should be ashamed to call myself a Christian for believing these things. (come on)

This is not a style blog, never has been, and never will be. It IS my personal blog, and I am truly sorry if you feel you cannot wear my clothes because of my beliefs. Yes, I enjoy talking about fashion, my clothing line, interior design, wellness and adventures in motherhood, but, sometimes, I want to talk about other things which are very important to me. So often these days, people say they are "alienated" by the beliefs of others, and it is unfortunate this seems to happen so easily. Not purchase my clothes because I am conservative? Or because I have strong (I know they are strong) opinions that differ from yours or don't make sense to you? Me saying I would boycott Hollywood films simply because the actor in them is liberal and outspoken is just plain silly. Or stating that I will not buy Vogue because Anna Wintour hosts $40,000 a plate dinners for the Obamas. But, of course, each to their own. I have chosen to speak out because I feel it is the right thing to do.

Numerous commenters have asked, “WHY?” Why would I post such strong views as a businesswoman trying to grow a brand? My response to this might offend people, but there are more important things to me in life than fashion, marketing my brand and trying to get as many followers as possible. Real life and how it affects me and you and all of us will ALWAYS take precedence over selling clothes. As I said above, I find it quite sad and strange that some aren't strong enough in their views and beliefs to not be able to read a blog or buy someone's product without being alienated because they hold strong contrary opinions to their own. I don't get cranky when people send me articles saying I am going to get colon cancer next week because I eat so much meat, or tell me I am out of my mind because I think whole grains are bad. I am not offended when mothers tell me I am an irresponsible parent for choosing not to vaccinate, or to have my babies at home. I don’t feel alienated, I don't feel judged, and I don't care. I have done my research and feel confident in my decisions, and move on with my life. Period.

It IS appalling to think that we live in a time where it would be a better decision for teachers to be trained in the use of firearms, but that is the reality, plain and simple. We have to accept that and decide what to do to move forward, but stricter gun control is not the answer. If someone wants to get a gun, they will find a way to do so even if means breaking the law. We can be prepared as best we can to defend ourselves against the evil that unfortunately exists in our world today. If you have not done so, read The Enemy Is Denial, by Lt. Col Dave Grossman, the world's foremost expert on human aggression and violence. 

If you would like to read additional information (several requested more sources), please read the subheadings beneath my signature at the end of this post. There is a great one via Harvard that concludes gun control is both ineffective and counterproductive. I also very briefly discuss the new NRA ad using Obama's daughters (I personally believe it to be inappropriate), the lack of success of the previous assault weapons ban, Obama's plan to prevent another Newtown, known side effects of Ritalin, Prozac, and other ADHD drugs, and a few other topics as well. 

As the WSJ article below states, "those making the argument that banning guns has worked in places like Australia and England might be advised to check the statistics or risk looking foolish if they encounter someone armed with the facts." Armed with the facts...I like that. My post (and other opinion pieces along these lines) are often seen as one-sided because yes, I have already made up my mind on what I think. I base my opinions and beliefs on facts. 

Given the FACTS about the uselessness of gun control and gun bans already out there, this should not even be an issue of gun control, but sadly the administration has made it so. Rahm Emanuel, Obama's first Chief of Staff, infamously said to never let a crisis go to waste. (Disgusting) What we are seeing is a gradual chipping away of our freedoms, and in this case, gun rights, which should be a state by state issue. It is not the job of the federal government and President to decide this. 

Lastly, to those that said shame on me for using MY blog to post what I am interested in? Really? This is hardly worth addressing, but as I said above there are more important things than growing a business, and the fashion game will never take precedent over real life.

I am a conservative, I always have been, and always will be, because I believe in the power of the INDIVIDUAL over the power of the government. 

Also, going forward I will no longer be posting (or even bother reading) Anonymous comments on any opinion posts, regardless of whether they are for or against my stance. Stand behind what you believe and what you say. If you will not, don't say it.

Now, back to pretty pictures, Gucci, Louboutin, bright colored wallpaper, neon acrylic accessories and pink velvet chairs...for now. 


If you actually care about LEARNING something about all of this - putting politics aside and learning from someone that knows guns, if you have learned all you know about guns from TV, if you want to EDUCATE yourself on the matter to be able to have an intelligent debate, read THIS.

Gun Control Is Ineffectual and Counterproductive - Harvard
Australian Gun Control has little to no impact - WSJ
UPDATE Jan. 20: here is a short article about the difficulty of committing a mentally ill person BEFORE a tragedy like Newtown happens.

With regards to the NRA using the Obama children in their ad, I agree that was not appropriate, however what did Obama do at his announcement of the 23 points? He exploited children to advance his agenda. An emotional ploy. They were used as props to appeal to emotions and deflect from the real issues. It was theatrical staging, with an implication that if you don't sign onto the President's proposals, then you are somehow not standing behind the children and treating them with disrespect. A choreographed moment to push legislation. Ridiculous. Furthermore, Obama can say all he wants that his children should be kept out of politics, and I agree they should, however HE has used them in campaign ads, referred to them in the BP oil spill, Michelle talked about one daughter's BMI being too high, they used them when signing the healthcare goes on and on. When his back is up against a wall, he uses his own girls as references. 


Democrats championed gun control two decades ago with Clinton and as a result of public opinion being so strongly against it, they didn't touch it for two decades. We as a nation have a HISTORY of gun rights and a gun culture, and a 2nd Amendment like no other country in the world. The assault weapons ban from 1994-2004, according to a study done by the DOJ, had ZERO effect on the rate of gun violence decreasing. It didn't make a bit of difference then, and it will not now.


So, when Obama said in his speech that everything in his plan was to prevent another Newtown... let's review: That there needed to be a military style assault weapons ban. Why would this prevent Newtown if it didn't work before. He called for a background check. Why? The guns used in Newtown were bought by the killer's mother, so that wouldn't have helped prevent it. He said they used the type of semi automatic rifles that were the target of the assault weapons ban. WRONG. The guns used were NOT on the assault weapons ban list. NOTHING he said would have stopped Newtown if enforced, was completely useless, and simply gave the appearance of motion.

To say that if there is one life that can be saved by doing something, we should do it? Huh? This should probably be across the board then. What about motorcycles? Do we need restrictions on those so perhaps ONE life could be saved? Bicycles can be dangerous. So can spoons. Anyone ever seen Murder in the First? 

I disagree as much as humanly possible when people say our country is not what it was when our forefathers wrote the 2nd Amendment. We are a free nation, and the issue here is FREEDOM. This is why it was #2 in the Bill of Rights. It is to allow the citizenry to guarantee themselves a free state, so that if the government turns on you, you can defend yourself. We have seen governments become tyrannical - Italy, Germany, China, just to name a few. The founding fathers were concerned with separation of power for a reason, letting congress legislate, not the President. Checks and balance. 


Obama has continually abused his power throughout his Presidency (recess appointments, weakening of welfare work requirements, executive orders to stop deportations of illegals when he couldn't get the Dream Act passed, Obamacare being jammed through, DOJ refusing to uphold defense of marriage act, pushing through contraception mandate, no congressional approval for strikes on Libya...) and this is another case of that. (Republicans have done this as well, however he has taken it to a new level). Executive orders are not intended for this. Hence, why Americans are out in record numbers purchasing firearms as their 2nd Amendment rights continue to erode. Journalists are demonizing our citizens, many of which are single women, young mothers and elderly widows out buying firearms that are fearing for their safety. Where are the success stories of use of defensive guns every day for protection? We are looking at an overreaching of the federal government like we never have before, and people are going to protect themselves from this.

**WHY KIDS KILL (click for full article and information on side effects of ADHD drugs, Ritalin, Zoloft, Prozac, and how things like poor nutrition and toxic metals - for example, mercury in dental fillings, and yes it is STILL in vaccines, along with KNOWN neurotoxins like formaldehyde - affect children's brain function. It is much easier to prescribe a drug than investigate the root of the problem).