Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year's Resolutions + Going Forward

Image via Paperless Post

So, anyone broken some resolutions already? I have yet to nail mine down, however I don't believe resolutions should be left to solely one day per year. There is always room for improvement around March, July, and definitely November {eat less Halloween candy next year is one that comes to mind...} What are your resolutions? Number 9 on the list above will NOT be one of mine, but I am quite fond of Number 10 ;)

Most importantly, thank you all so much for continuing to come back to my silly little blog. I remember one year after I started The Southern Eclectic, I sent out an email to friends and family thanking them for helping me to reach 100 followers. I was truly blown away I ever hit that number. Even though compared to mega-blogs like A Cup of Joe or Garance Dore I am still a teeny fish in a big sea, I am pinching myself I ever hit the 1000 mark and feel so blessed to continue to grow...all because of you guys. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for reading. It truly means the world that you check into my little corner of the web every now and then. I wish I had more time to post - I really do - as I started this before I even began my clothing line. It is a wonderful outlet and escape for me, and I hope to write more often this year. Maybe since I am going to quit having babies for a while that will actually happen?!

My blog resolution: do more of what YOU want rather than selfishly posting pictures of my kids ;) What top 5 things would you want me to regularly blog about? What top 5 "special" posts would you like to see? 

Happy 2013! Here's to ALL of our best year's yet!!!