Monday, June 4, 2012

Ten not-so-poignant insights on first-year medical student's life in Beer-Sheva, by R. Mayuri Garikepati

Wear sunscreen

 Know that it’s okay to be afraid of the Gimmel children.

   Buy meat in the Shuk only if you can see the freezer in the store.

    Magnums also come in golden wrappers—not condoms—but the finest ice cream bars

 Bring Sriracha sauce, if you want spicy food you’ll have to make it yourself

Prepare for romance in the Holy Land:

 Where to eat hamburgers: 
@ Tiv Tam: 30 sheks. Show student card. Comes with drink - option of beer/soda/etc
@ Coca: 35 sheks. Only hamburger+fries
@ Zygote: 35 ~ 38 sheks. By far the best quality, but only hamburger+fries

 Learn how to dance to electronic music.

  Deal with the fact that in Israel, you don’t get the ego-inflating white coat in first year

 Invest in nice PJs—you may meet your neighbors for the first time during a 3am rocket siren and first impressions count.  

-blogger of the month R. Mayuri Garikepati