Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer in Beersheva, by May blogger of the month Nicole Magpayo

Greetings once again! Sorry for my delay in posting, even if it’s a cliché excuse- I’m in medical school : ). Summer has officially kicked in here in Beersheva and the temperatures are in the lower 90s (yes, I’m using Fahrenheit when I should be using Celsius- what can I say, I’m 18 days from going home!). I can’t believe that this year is almost coming to a close and that it was just about a year ago when I first came to Beersheva and started medical school. It’s been a crazy packed year full of classes, meeting new people and studying for exams- but all worth it! 

Iced coffee and Guyton = my two favorite things
We just finished hematology and are in the midst of endocrinology. I have to say that it is very interesting focusing solely on a specific part of medicine and learning everything from the basics to the physiology and pathology of that system. This transition into systems makes me excited for next year. 
Student week outdoor concert

As expected, life as a medical student here is jam packed with studying, especially during finals. Sometimes, you would only step outside to throw trash out or buy milk (no, I’m not kidding). However, even with all the studying, we still find ways to relax and have fun. A few weeks ago, Ben Gurion Student Life held events during student week here in Beersheva. Israeli music groups, such as Infected Mushroom, performed at an outdoor concert in the outskirts of town with food vendors and small shops posted around the venue. It was interesting to experience an environment where you don’t know the lyrics but everyone around you is having the best time of their life and singing along, so, really, you can’t help but have fun too- even if you don’t know why you’re dancing!
Student week pool party!

The next day, there was a student pool party at the BGU campus. Loud dance party music, more food and great company- what else could you ask for on a Wednesday at noon? It’s nice that BGU holds student sponsored events and was a great time to relax before jumping back into studying once again. 

In addition, one of our classmates held a small get together full of yummy deserts on Shabbat (Kady and I pictured below!). I have to admit, I’m starting to love Shabbat (minus the fact that nearly everything is closed). It’s a great time to get together with your classmates (yes, the ones you see every day) and show off your cooking skills!

Kady and I
Ok, enough about the past few weeks, let’s fast forward to real time. This week started off very relaxing - yoga and a day off tomorrow. Thanks to a friend of one our classmates, we had a nice relaxing yoga session tonight. Besides the scorching heat during the day, summer does have its benefits at night. Outdoor yoga? Yes, please! 
Summer nights = outdoor yoga

-May blogger of the month Nicole Magpayo