Thursday, June 7, 2012

NHS Leadership Recognition Awards 2012

UK Health Radio News is delighted that 2012 is an exciting year for leadership in the NHS with the creation of the new centre of excellence, the NHS Leadership Academy, and the continuation of the prestigious NHS Leadership Recognition Awards.

The NHS is changing rapidly in a creative and focused way redesigning its services and developing its workforce to provide improved experiences and outcomes for all our patients. Real change takes good leadership at every level of the system and everyone working for or on behalf of the NHS has a crucial role to play in this endeavour. The NHS Leadership Recognition Awards show us by example how the very best leaders and leadership practice makes change happen.

Outstanding leaders already exist in the NHS but making them the norm still requires a further shift in thinking and action. There have also been great strides in supporting and developing high quality leadership over the last few years including the NHS Leadership Recognition Awards. The awards affiliation to the NHS Leadership Academy aligns them with the Academy's ambition of supporting leadership development, setting national standards, and raising the profile of leadership.

The NHS Leadership Recognition Awards aim to recognise outstanding leadership practice focused on improving quality of care for patients. They celebrate leaders working at every level of the system and help foster the leaders of the future from all backgrounds.

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