Friday, June 8, 2012

NHS Innovation Challenge Prizes 2012 entries close shortly

UK Health Radio reminds listeners that the countdown to the final submission date for entries to The NHS Innovation Challenge, established to recognise and reward ideas that tackle some of the most challenging areas in healthcare, is imminent.

Now in its second year, this innovative scheme not only rewards the tremendous pool of talent that exist in the NHS with well-deserved recognition, but also provide successful applicants with prize money – their biggest winner to date received £100,000!

The NHS Innovation Challenges provides an opportunity to reward clinical advances such as new treatments for life-threatening conditions, which may take a number of years to solve, as well as innovations in delivering care and promoting healthy living, aimed at achieving new levels of performance in more immediate time frames.

If you are involved with the NHS and have a ground-breaking idea you wish to share with other - and maybe need some funding - you can find out more about the NHS Innovation Challenge at: