Thursday, June 14, 2012

Steve St Clair reflects on the impact of a Euro collapse

Steve St Clair at Enerfood has pubslished an article reflecting on the impact of the possible Euro collapse on people's health and wellbeing.

Steve believes that a collapse of the Euro will have far reaching effects on everyone financially and this will ultimately impact our health.
He suggests that the large capital outflows (that could be translated to say bank runs) in several EC countries, namely Greece and Spain, and the billions that the EU is spending to save them and the billions more that will be required will ultimately lead to a total collapse of the Euro and the EC.

Steve encourages us to really take a look at the situation in Europe and not just read the what the "main stream machine" is putting out trying to quell our fears. This is real and is definitely going to have a real impact on all of us.
Check out this article Steve wrote by clicking here.