Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Think Happy Thoughts

I'm trying...I'm trying... 


Although going from two kiddos to three has been WAY easier - like, light years easier - than going from one to two, the time thing - or lack of it rather - is pretty tough to take. How do I balance having no time to do anything for them or with them individually? How do I have time for ANYthing anymore?? I feel like I am always making food, changing diapers, chasing a child, putting someone in time out, nursing a baby, wiping dirty faces and hands, and I have more, "Is that chocolate or poop?" moments than I can count. Scene in our kitchen this morning. True story. I'm nursing baby, Munch is slapping him on the face with her chocolate almond butter encrusted hands (still crusty from last night...who has time for baths anymore?), Squish just tipped out of his chair and apparently re-sprained his ankle, both older ones want food, so I'm trying to not drop the baby (he's already learned to latch on for dear life), get plates and forks from the cabinet and drawers, heat up turkey, cut turkey, peel peaches, pour glasses of coconut milk all with one hand, fend Squish off of the prunes (he loves prunes...not really a great thing mind you...our toilet looks like a paintball war zone), all the while wondering when the next chance I will have to use the ladies room alone is. Probably in the year 2027, and I'm sure even then a dog will be lying at my feet. 

Oh....and then there's work....work?? What is that again? And my poor neglected blog. Le sigh. At least I know it gets easier!

Without further ado, allow me to introduce the newest snuggle muffin of our family, Snooze:


Less than a day old and already loved up <3
(I love that Squish is covered in mud, paint, worm guts, who knows what else and is smearing it all over Snooze. Oh how different life is for a third child compared to the first!)

I am in disbelief when I look back in my car and see this. It definitely takes a good 24 hours to load everyone up.

Our past two weeks in a nutshell

I absolutely LOVE this photo. Just a little snapshot that offers a glimpse into every day life. Nothing fancy, but very special.
My three angels. Heaven on earth.

Ok, now I have major happy thoughts. Heartsies.