Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Mallory Family

I have wanted to write about this family for a while now, but every time I sit down to type their story my eyes fill with tears and no progress is made. But finally, here we go...

One of my sweet friends here in Fort Worth told me recently that her closest friend's husband was in a motorcycle accident on March 31, 2012 leaving him paralyzed from beneath his arms down. Cassandra and Auston Mallory, and their adorable son Tripp, are suddenly dealing with a life-changing situation that no one ever imagines they will find themselves in. Cassandra has started a blog - the Auston Mallory Benefit Fund - to record what their days are like, and after reading the posts start to finish, what I am most moved by is her unwavering faith in God. 

"It's crazy the things we take for granted each day. Before this, I would have never thought twice about thanking God for the ease at which I can blow my nose or sit up in bed but now I find myself thanking God for every little thing. I know that what happened to my sweet, amazing, caring husband is a terrible tragedy and the hardest thing that we have ever had to deal with but I thank God every single day that Auston is still with me. I thank God that he still has the use of his big strong arms to hold me close to him and to scoop up his son and love on him. I thank God that he still has the use of his brilliant mind and still has the same gentle heart and soul. So, when people ask me if I'm angry with God for letting this happen, I tell them no, it has just given me more things to be thankful for."

............ If that does not display strength beyond description I don't know what does. 

If you have the time, I encourage you to spend about 30 minutes reading through Cassandra's posts. Tears will be brought to your eyes, but moreover you will be moved and inspired by her and Auston's courage and strength. This is truly an instance of helping us remember to appreciate the little blessings in life that are actually the biggest blessings of all and, as Cassandra says, that we so often take for granted. 

I did not post about this with the aim of asking for donations for their family, however I have decided to mention it as there are so many unexpected expenses that come along with an event like this that every little bit helps. Living expenses while at the rehabilitation facility, a home that must be updated for wheelchair accessibility, new transportation and numerous medical expenses are just a portion of what the Mallory's are now facing. If you wish to donate anything to the family, simply go to the right hand side of the blog and do so via the PayPal link, or mail a check to the address shown. I know that Cassandra, Auston and Tripp would appreciate anything. If you are unable to contribute monetarily, I know that including them in your prayers would be just as meaningful. I am sure that any encouraging stories about those who are told they will never walk again...and that end up proving everyone wrong...would be extremely uplifting for them to hear as well. 

I will be praying for a miracle <3