Friday, May 4, 2012

Mother's Day Wishes

As I sit here, 40 weeks pregnant with a baby that will make for three children under 3 years old, I am thinking of what I want for Mother's Day this year. First, I started thinking big:
  • Silence

  • A cupcake induced pregnancy

  • Uninterrupted sleep
Then I realized those were the thoughts of a crazy person and I moved more towards reality, yet still quite wishful thinking:
  • Family waiting on me hand and foot

  • No fussing, fighting, whining or tantrums

  • Something shiny and possibly sparkly as well
So then I moved on to actual possibilities:
  • Foot rub {I don't care who gives it to me - I'll take one the checkout lady at Central Market for crying out loud - I just need a foot rub}

  • Mani/Pedi

  • Flowers

  • Acknowledgement that Mother's Day actually exists
Then I reminded myself I have an amazing husband that regularly takes the kids to do something so I can have silence, gets up with them so I can sleep in some mornings, brings me flowers for no reason and always picks out the best most shiny things I could ever dream of. So really, for Mother's Day, I just want to spend it with the family I love so very much. I would not be a mommy without any of them! {But if someone can figure out how to get a cupcake induced pregnancy, let me know stat}