Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The formidable title of "Doctor", by R. Mayuri Garikepati

Graduates throw their caps in the air as they are proclaimed "Doctor".

As we watched the fourth years take on the formidable title of “Doctor” I couldn’t help reminiscing about my own Physician’s Oath ceremony almost one year ago. Back in September the feeling of being in Hebrew-immersion summer camp had not yet worn off—but the Oath was recited and I replied “Amen” in acceptance. After the speeches there was a random—but beautiful—classical guitar performance and later at dinner, I recall people grumbling that the drinks had run out. For me, a mixture of solemnity as well as absurdity characterized the entire occasion…Aaaand back to the present.

Many of us have endured the academic ritual of donning gowns and caps, zoning out during inspirational speeches, then enthusiastically tossing our caps in the air. The dullness however, is punctuated by a few powerful moments. Something that deeply resonated with me that evening was a BGU tradition that allows physician parents to present the M.D. diploma to their graduating son or daughter. Two students and their families observed this custom and it served as a potent reminder that our achievements are in no small part due to the support of our families (whether or not they are doctors). Congratulations MSIH Class of 2012!  - R. Mayuri Garikepati