Friday, May 4, 2012


The Advanced Scientific Health Research Group is offering
Licensed Medical Practitioners, Health Care Providers AND
Families an opportunity to review the latest findings on Cancer.

I'll give you some quick background here, but if you or someone you care for is suffering with Cancer, the most important thing right now is that you review some research findings from the scientific community.  I believe after careful review, you will find your answer.  Everyone is needed and loved and has 100% control of their body's healing ability. 

The scientific community held the key.  I am relieved and happy to be a part of an advanced scientific research team since 1999 and work with a group of over 5,000 independent researchers. We welcome you.

Three things that everyone should know about cancer cells.  Doesn't matter what type or where they are located in the body, all cancer cells have 3 things in common.

1.) Oxygen KILLS Cancer Cells
2.) Sugar FEEDS Cancer Cells
3.) Cancer cells can not be cured, they must be killed.

Chemotherapy is successful less than 5.0% of the time, radiation about 11.4%.  God is 100%.  Science has proven that the human body was Created perfectly.

Our environments, both externally and internally, have changed over time. Although there is little we can do about much of the external environment in most cases, we do have 100% control of our internal environment and science has proven this.  Science has shown us how to restore the internal environment to one that allows the cells to begin the healing process.

Cancer is the very easiest of all degenerative disease to understand.
Now that we understand the enemy it makes it much easier to destroy that enemy.

Stop Cancer.  Advanced Scientific Health ASH provides the Natural Cure they don't want you to know.
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