Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Traditional Home Feature!! Eeeekk!!!!

I. Am. So excited. 

Traditional Home did a feature on me in their April 2012 issue! TH is truly one of my all time favorite home decor/lifestyle magazines - I have read it for years and years - and it is such a special treat to be included amongst all of the wonderful features this month. If you don't regularly read the magazine, start! This is the only image I have of the piece right now but I'll try to get a higher quality one stat and share with you all. Here is a close up for better reading:

So this is officially what Cloud 9 feels like!! :D It is available on newsstands now, and you will love everything in the issue. Invest! THANK YOU to Traditional Home for doing this feature - I am beyond flattered and tickled pink. So very thoughtful. xxx