Monday, March 19, 2012

How I Wore It :: Rainy Days

As I look out the window right now it is nothing but pure sunshine {well, a few rain clouds are looming} but last week it was a different story with super chilly weather and lots of rain. 

Shirt - J.Crew :: Scarf - Etro :: Jeans - Gap Maternity :: Wellies - Storm Wells
Necklaces - Monogram : Max & Chloe, Arrow : Concierge Couture, Chain Link : Gift, Long beaded - Bali
Left Arm Bracelets - Chain Link : Grandmother's, Rope : Noir, Acrylic : Burberry
Right Arm Bracelets - Chain Link : Free gift with purchase at Neimans ;) , and other one is actually a wrap around necklace. Not sure what brand! 
Watch :: Michele Gold Deco with diamonds
Umbrella:: Scalamandre
Purse :: Prada

Excited for the sunshine - cannot wait for the pool to open! Once I put on a bathing suit I am sure my excitement will wane drastically, but there's nothing one of my Swim Tunics can't fix ;) Happy week!