Sunday, March 11, 2012

Pattern Crush :: Chevron

Although I am always a fan of going for unique when it comes to interior design, there are some trends that suck me in so deep I simply can't get enough. Suzani, lacquer and sunburst mirrors are just a few, but the pattern that I think I will be forever head over heels for is chevron. Thick, thin, black and white or neon yellow, I am completely smitten and can't wait until I have a chevron floor one day. The BEST part of this pattern is that not only does it look fab on walls, ceilings, drapes, chairs, doors and pillows, but you can smack it on a wedding cake, shower invitation or any item of clothing. Sign me up! And p.s. can we please just talk for a second about the cookies image at the very bottom?! I think a chevron party is in major asap and I'll get planning!

{this one is my FAVORITE}