Monday, March 19, 2012

The Savvy Health-Care Consumer

If you're over 50 and getting a colonoscopy, don't automatically pay that co-pay you think you have, even if the physician's check-out coordinator asks for one. Parts of the Affordable Care Act already call for 100% coverage for preventative procedures such as mammograms, colonoscopies, well-baby visits, breast-feeding support and immunizations, among others. You do not have to to wait until 2014 or until the Supreme Court's upcoming decision. It's the law today. Be mindful of your primary care physician"s  referral type: a medical diagnostic referral for a colonoscopy, for instance, requires payments toward deductibles in many private insurance plans; while screening ordered colonoscopies are 100% covered without a deductible under the new law.
 As accountable care consultants prepare to help physicians coordinate patient care with aligned incentives, there is a proactive to-do list today that can help American families cut their health-care costs.
The Wall Street Journal compiled such a list. Use the link below for details.
How to Cut Your Health-Care Costs