Friday, March 2, 2012

How I Wore It :: Santa Fe Bound

Biz and I went to Santa Fe last weekend for a quick pre-baby getaway and had such a nice time. The weather was perfect - crisp in the morning with lovely sunshine in the afternoon, the food was amazing, and I adored every piece of turquoise jewelry I laid eyes upon! I know that a lot of people insist on dressing fancy for flights, but I need to be all about comfort {even when not pregnant} so I try to find nice ways to achieve that while not looking too sloppy. A soft pair of leggings and stretchy shirt never fail me {though why oh why do black leggings have to fade so quickly?!} Coupled with a cute jacket or vest and comfy boots, I'm all set!

Speaking of boots, my Uggs finally wore out after far too many years and I needed another pair...but really didn't want to resort to Uggs again. I love them for comfort, but I've never been a huge fan as far as looks go. I knew there had to be a slightly more stylish option, not to mention some sort of boot that not every single person I know owns! When I came across Manitobah Mukluks I felt like I hit the jackpot. Have you heard of them before? Am I just out of the loop? Head to their website to check out all of their options and I know you'll be instantly smitten as well. Our plane was delayed eleventy billion hours and they kept me comfy late into the evening...

If boots are good enough to sleep in, you know they're a sensible purchase ;) More Santa Fe fun to come next week and in the meantime, happy weekend to everyone!