Monday, February 18, 2013

Zebras and Palm Beach Chic

Do you love zebras? They are so Palm Beach Chic. I scored this beautiful finished needlepoint on Etsy yesterday that I will have made into a pillow. Think needlepoint is too old school? Not me. I love it. Designers like Jonathan Adler use lots of needlepoint but in a more modern way. I'm thinking about a great black and yellow trim on this to edge it up a bit.

Check out my Pinterest board on Zebras here. And go pop over and see my inspiration board today on The Glam Pad - my first post in a series on how I would makeover the Chinese Village House in Coral Gables, Florida. Click here to see my vision for the entryway and the main hall - there are zebras galore! Next up in the series will be the dining room.