Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Odds and Ends

I'll bet my interior design savvy followers can help me identify this blue and white elephant toile. Any ideas? It reminds me of John Robshaw, but I can't locate it.

You know how much I love combining abstract modern art and Chinoiserie. Small pieces are wonderful in gallery walls, but they also work beautifully in a bookcase or on a piece of furniture. Here is my new work by Kerry Steele in my living room bookcase. I framed it in an acrylic frame from Michael's for about $5.

Below are other examples of combining small abstracts and Chinoiserie as well as some pieces currently available by Kerry Steele starting at $15 - $25. A budget friendly way to start a collection of modern art. Modern art is my very favorite way of freshening a room.

Kerry Steele abstract in my living room

Joe Nye

Tiffany Richey