Friday, February 22, 2013

Stop. Sit. Breathe.

I think today was the busiest day of my life. Truly. It went kind of like this:
7:55am - driving Munch to doc, 30 minutes away
9:00am - driving Munch home, bare legs, sans pants. Pants are soaking wet and crumpled up on my floorboard. It was 34* outside this morning.
9:20am - leave Munch with sitter, drive to get poster frame at JoAnn's
9:40am - searching JoAnn's for down pillow inserts. Misson failed. 
10:10am - buying a cowboy hat at Leddy's {they carry SF and are AMAZE} 
10:35 - drive down the street to investigate down pillow insert mission. They have some, but seem pricey. I call a store across town, find a place offering them for 1/4 of the price, and decide it's worth saving the money even with such a long drive.
11:00 - at new store, scooping up 12 pillow inserts for photo shoot Monday, shove in car with massive poster frame, cowboy hat in a box, and dry cleaning still residing in trunk from last week
11:20 - arrive at UPS drop off to mail 5000 tags to India
11:30 - leave UPS to pick up Squish from school
11:35 - arrive at school and have a blissful 10 minutes in my car catching up with an old friend {Melissa, who the fab Melissa dress was designed and named for fyi}
11:45 - pick up Squish, go home to squeeze the life out of Munch and Snooze since I hadn't seen them all morning, remembered I forgot to get a mattress for Munch's new big girl bed, grab Squish, and get back in the car
11:50 - painter stops us as we leave. Talk to painter for 15 minutes. 
12:05 - Head to get mattress
12:20 - At mattress store where Squish proceeds to jump on every.single.mattress with his on but I turn a blind eye so I can pick one out and get home and SIT AND EAT BECAUSE I AM HUNGRY
12:50 - leave mattress store, arranged delivery for 5 hours later, and have to build her bed in the meantime #ha
1:05 - get home and realize I also have to build a bookshelf. 
1:05.10 - decide eating is most important
1:05.20 - remember dogs need to go out
1:20 - finally sitting and eating and watching Star Wars with Squish, who has dropped his nap, which I have mixed feelings about
1:50 - start building bookshelf
2:30 - no. not building bookshelf. break to sit and escape and blog. stop. sit. and breathe.
3:05 - finish checking some emails and wrapping up posts for today. have to have all three in car and ready for swim lessons {ISR - if you haven't looked into it - do so stat} in 40 minutes. I think we are supposed to have date night tonight - which in all likelihood will be at Central Market so we can multitask and grocery shop at the same time. #romance 

Going to go get suits and towels ready for swim. 
Running 50K on Sunday.
Photo shoot on Monday morning. 
Pray I can wear heels for it. Maybe just pray my feet don't fall off on Sunday actually.