Wednesday, February 20, 2013

One Room Challenge - Week 3 - Chinoiserie!

A fantastic week for my little Chinoiserie powder room. The walls are done, art hung, all accessories purchased, and the window treatment ordered. Time for some R and R.

The walls in the powder room would not allow for wallpaper without a major tear up, with two walls paneled and one with plumbing access panels. When I saw this Charlotte Moss powder room below a few months ago, I knew this was a great solution for me - fabric hung on those two walls. At HomeGoods I found two queen duvets in this gorgeous Ralph Lauren Chinoiserie toile St. Honore. The duvets retail for $400 each and I got them for $100. The beautiful gray and cream Chinoiserie reverses to a wonderful houndstooth and so they were already lined! The cotton is so beautiful it looks and feels like silk. The dimensions were spot on for my two walls. I simply made a small opening at either end at the top and shirred them on cheapo tensions rods and voila! Two gorgeous walls with everything yucky hidden. Chinoiserie Chic heaven. This ugly duckling powder room has come a long way - click on the navy ORC button in my sidebar to see all my posts to date.

I also hung a beautiful antique watercolor and gouache Chinoiserie art deco painting from my collection with perfect colors for the space. That's all you get to see right now - I have to save something for the next few weeks! Still to come -
*Chinese Chippendale
*de Gournay
*foo dogs
*a pagoda
*Greek key
*a fabulous DIY project
*a gorgeous custom window treatment
*and the most chic toilet paper ever!

Charlotte Moss powder room that was my inspiration for the fabric on the walls

Now go see what progress everybody else has made -