Sunday, February 10, 2013

Jeans + Heels there anything better? Particularly when the heels are neon metallic snakeskin...with fluorescent pink leather piping. I wore these so often while I lived across the pond that the cobblestones broke the heels straight off. They are repaired, but delicate, so I carefully pick and choose when I wear them.  Fluorescent cashmere makes the cut.

Most people save special furs for special occasions, and for that matter save ALL "special" items for just the perfect moment or event, but I always wonder...WHY? Why keep our best gems and most fun closet treasures reserved for once or twice a year? No way! Stack on the rhinestones, pile on the cuffs, cashmere and fur, throw lots of gold into the mix - pair with ripped jeans so you're not toooo over the top - slap on some hot pink lipstick, don't waste time brushing your hair - just run with it - and you won't be able to stop smiling. I promise. {just try it...then let me know how it goes}

Sweater - J.Crew :: Jeans - COH :: Bracelets - J.Crew :: Shoes - Matthew Williamson :: Gloves - Prada

THEN we had an event last night that the same stole was perfect for, and I paired it with one of my all time favorite dresses ever, though I use the term "my" dress loosely...since it is not mine, but my mother-in-law's!! It is probably 50 years old, but nothing short of a true gem. I absolutely adore it. I wish I would have had a gold clutch {or hot pink?!} that I could have paired with it...I am on the lookout!

iPhone snapshots from the party...
{with one of my favorite New Yorkers}

{with my favorite Biz}