Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tony Duquette for Coach is LIVE!

I have been waaaaaitng and waiting and waaaaaiiiitng for this day for many moons now. Seriously, I set an alert on my iCal so that I would remember to hit the net as soon as I dropped Squish off at school. Iconic jeweler Tony Duquette's estate {Tony himself passed away in 1999} has designed a limited edition jewelry collection for Coach and it is FINALLY available online. NOW! Look. How. Gorgeous...

The items were all inspired by Tony's archives, which have been drawn upon for years by artists, interior designers, museums and the like. If you dig exotic jewelry, sunbursts, malachite accents and enamel and jewel tones out the wazoo, figure out a way to head over to Coach's website to scoop up some of these precious pieces before they are sold out. 

The prices range from $48 - $648 and include everything from charm bracelets to rings to clutches to lengthy pendant necklaces, featuring hand-cut glass and semi-precious stones, so there truly is something for everyone. Invest! If you can't find what you are after online, the collection will hit stores in early February. Which ones will you get??? How on earth can we narrow it down?! 

I think the most fun part for me is that this is very un-Coach; they have always aimed to be simple and classic, rather than ostentatious. I don't typically shop at Coach, so it will be interesting to see if the usual Coach customer is drawn to this, or if they will garner a new clientele with this new direction. 

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The best part is that these can be worn with basic tees and jeans, along the lines of the casual style of the model above, or dressed up with cocktail attire. Melt.

Perfectly over the top. Heartsies.