Monday, January 30, 2012

A photo montage of my unique experiences in Israel, by blogger of the month Rebekah Dickman

Attending medical school is not within itself a unique experience. When I tell people that I am in medical school they are impressed at my ambition, but not overly impressed. Then I whip out the fact that I attend medical school in Israel, and suddenly it becomes exotic and impressive. And although I did not decide to go to medical school in Israel to impress people, it does happen to be a fun added bonus. Note – this factor also translates to normal events. Instead of “Last weekend we hopped a bus out of town” or  “I’m training for a half marathon” or “Last night I went to a really great lecture” I get to tell people “Last weekend we hopped a bus…and headed to Jerusalem” and “I am training for a half-marathon…it’s at the Dead Sea” and “Last night I went to a really great lecture…in a bomb shelter”. See what I mean?
Alongside the “instant coolness factor” I have also found that I also accumulate a lot of really fun and entertaining pictures. Since this is the last blog for me, and I figure you are tired of reading what I have to say, why not share some of the photos? It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, so here is an essay for you to enjoy.

Thanks for reading! – blogger of the month, Rebekah Dickman