Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Korean Shabbat Extravaganza, by blogger of the month Rebekah Dickman

The invitation. Note the stress on the bowl size.  It really
did turn out to be important!

Medical schools have a reputation of being cut-throat, high-stress situations in which every person is out for number one. If you have to step on a few heads to get there, all the better! Perhaps this is true in some places, but not at BG! Here, we are more like family – and why not? We are 34 twenty-somethings (and a few who are eternally 29), living thousands of miles from family, stranded in a desert of sand and falafel, united by our common desire to make a difference in the world and the desperate wish that someone would get around (already!) to perfecting that machine that will zap Hebrew directly into our brains. What else are we going to do but look out for each other??

Mix Mix rice.  This was the 'translation' we were given
for the main dish which involved a lot of veggies,
rice and a large bow (the mixing vessel).

Enjoying company.  Shabbat was made for hanging
out with friends and food.  Nobody said it had to
be the traditional kind.
With the exception of December, we hardly go a month without having some sort of class “get-together”. January was no exception: Upon returning from break we were informed that the Korean contingent (the boys anyway) had cooked up a scheme to have a “Korean Shabbat Extravaganza”, in which they would make something tasty and as Korean as one can get in Israel. I think they did a pretty good job!

The resultant feast included a lot of fantastic food, and it was a fun way to start out the new semester. I fervently hope that in the coming months and years, we maintain our camaraderie. (And diverse palates!) - blogger of the month, Rebekah Dickman

Prep work.  Part of the prep team creating some amazing
rolls. They were very professional!
The Instigators.  Got to give props to these guys, they
not only put the whole idea together, but
they also helped in the kitchen!  Impressive!