Saturday, October 6, 2012

UK Health Radio proudly shares tips, advice, and messages on Pinterest

UK Health Radio is a London-based national and international health communications radio station and website specialising in producing and distributing written and audio information on health, fitness and wellbeing.  The station touches on a variety of subjects such as general health, nutrition, elder care, and the avoidance of stress.

The information provided by UK Health Radio has always been available to listeners in a variety of ways.  Now, one more medium has been added to the options.  UK Health Radio has recently started a Pinterest Board.  The station welcomes any suggestions for the improvement of the board by the public.

John Hicks, Station Director of the health radio station for the UK, Europe and beyond, said: "UK Health Radio values its ability to communicate messages and information on an extensive range of health, wellness, dietary, nutrition, and fitness, medical, dental and related topics. Pinterest will enable us to share those messages and information more easily with the general public."

Every day, Pinterest has millions of visits from all around the world.  The director of UK Health Radio realized that creating a board for the station would allow listeners to access the valuable information provided in a new way.  In order to continue the best possible health related information to listeners and visitors, John Hicks is welcoming input and suggestions on the best way to improve the board. is growing everyday and UK Health Radio intends to grow with it.  The board will contain information on the same topics the website and radio show offer.  Since Pinterest has such a high mobile following, the station will be able to provide information to users regardless of where they are.

Anyone who would like to give the station direction suggestions to improve the board can email John Hicks at