Thursday, October 4, 2012

Abe's Market

I have been meaning to post about the fabulous online shop Abe's Market for a loooooong time now. I don't use the term fabulous lightly. Abe's Market is essentially a one-stop shop for all things natural and organic, from baby products {food, clothes, gear, you name it} to beauty items, to bath and body, clothes, pet items AND food...just to name a small selection! 

I had heard of the company last year, but recently they reached out to me asking Squish and Munch to test out some of their great products, and I was, of course, delighted to oblige. We LOVED the Clementine Art paint and modeling clay they sent, and still play with it on practically a daily basis. Since it is all-natural, I don't have to stress as much when the kids decide the playdoh cookies look like real ones and give them a test run. Icing on the cake for me? They threw in several Paleo snacks for mama! The Brownie Bombs in particular were amazing. I tell you what - any online site that includes paleo grub, not just gluten free {most gf products are rice based} immediately skyrockets to the top of my list. Here is the link to all Clementine Art products.

The primary reason I love Abe's Market is for their enormously gargantuan selection of products, especially in the children's realm. Several families, ours included, make great efforts to feed their children chemical-free foods as much as possible, but often slip in the realm of toys, arts and crafts, etc. I honestly just don't think of how many toxins are in that Crayola paint they're smearing all over themselves {read: eating}, you know? Then I go to the Skin Deep database {click} - more on this below - and can see product by product what has neurotoxins in it and how much, like the Sally Hansen nail polish I'll paint Munch's nails with daily, that is an 8 out of 10, containing chemicals that are known carcinogens, can cause developmental and reproductive toxicity, as well as cause allergies and immunotoxicity. No thank you!! And we wonder why things like infertility, ADD/ADHD, Alzheimer's, cancers and every other problem and disease is skyrocketing - just look at what we are putting into our bodies and it's a no brainer. The great news? WE are in control of what goes into us and on us! Little Princess is a great alternative polish I found on Abe's - and hello, it has glitter and glows in the dark. 

I am working on being very mindful and aware of everything we surround ourselves with, not just what we put into our bodies, and I love that Abe's Market takes the stress out of doing this for me. They truly achieve their goal of being a one-stop shop that presents the most incredible natural products out there today. Thank you for helping me keep my babies, and myself, healthy! Mega. Heartsies.

A little on Skin Deep - you are able to go here and type in pretty much any brand or product {they have over 75,000 to search from} to see the levels of carcinogens and toxicity associated with it based on the chemicals in the product. Here is an example of Coppertone Kids Sunscreen...

YIKES. We have used green-tea based sunscreen or plain coconut oil for years, and both work great. In case you were wondering, Abe's has 72 natural sunscreens to select from, found here :) and here is a link to 300+ cleaning products. There is no reason why we can't put our health first with marketplaces like this! Munch literally just walked up to me asking me to open the Clementine Art modeling dough for her to play with. Bless.